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Ordering at Your KFAM store
Replacements, Returns and Refunds
Order Tracking and Delivery
How can I buy an item from Your KFAM store?
Can I buy in bulk from Your KFAM store?
Will my gift look exactly as it is seen on the website?
Do you gift wrap or provide packaging options?
Do you deliver all products everywhere?
What date should I select when ordering for midnight delivery?
Can I order from Your KFAM store without creating an account (Guest Checkout)?
Can I send all kinds of gifts everywhere?
How do I use gift vouchers and/or discount codes?
Can I modify my order after I have placed it on Your KFAM store?
What details do I need to provide while ordering a gift?
Do you provide a Cash on Delivery (COD) option?
What kind of payment methods does Your KFAM store accept?
Can I use net-banking option for an international account?
Can I apply the discount code after paying?
What do I do if my payment is deducted but my order is not placed?
Are my transactions & banking details secure on Your KFAM store?
Can I replace an item?
Can I return an item?
Can you arrange return pick up?
How much time does it take to return the product & get a refund?
How will I get to know about the refund or the gift voucher?
What delivery options do you provide?
How long does it take to deliver gifts?
Do you charge for shipping?
Do I have to pay any other charges over & above my order value?
Will all the items that I have purchased arrive on the same day?
Will my gift be delivered exactly on the date that I have chosen for delivery?
How do I track my order?
What do I do if my order shows as delivered but the recipient has not received the gift?
Can I cancel my order?
How long does it take to process my cancellation?
Can I ask for a partial cancellation of my order?
How can I cancel my order?
How can I cancel my order?
How can I cancel my order?
How can I cancel my order?
How can I cancel my order?
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